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  • Native Americans

It is important to get your “Dose of Reality” about the risks and dangers of using prescription painkillers, as well as the signs of misuse, before it becomes a problem for you or your loved ones.

The drug overdose death rate among American Indians and Alaska Natives is above the national average, and recent data show this trend continuing.

What the Community Can Do

  • Encourage those misusing medications to seek help and support treatment.
  • Respect our elders and their medications – it is illegal to share or steal prescriptions.
  • Realize that prevention is possible and join together to educate.
  • Engage young people in our culture and community to feel pride and connection.
  • Teach families about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how to take action on behalf of those at-risk.
    • Adverse childhood experiences are stressful or traumatic events such as abuse, neglect, and witnessing household violence.
    • Generational trauma might also contribute to the risk of addiction; understand that there are ways to address these traumas in our families and community.